Whatever artistic or cultural statement organizers of planned to make this year will never be as important as the statement inadvertently made when all those people in the desert tried to drive home.

The most powerful cultural force in North America —car dependency.



The BurningManFestival has become a caricature of itself. The basic idea has been perverted to the core. A brilliant example of the inability of "western culture" to be permanently sustainable.

Not to be surpassed in absurdity.

@cquest holy shit, is that real or is it the cover for a Pink Floyd album?

@cquest What are your transportation options in that desert?
@Moon @cquest i think the point is that if you want to make a festival in the desert it will be a car festival no matter what
@lnxw37a2 @cquest @Moon

there was a great example of a large festival that was planned with a special focus on public transport, going as far as building a dedicated train station and expanding existing ones near the festival grounds

the nazi reichsparteitag in nuremberg between 1933 and 1938

the "car dependency" is not physical, it's psychological, because current forms of public transport are treating passengers as a form of bulk cargo with homogenous requirements, taste, expectations in aspects where people are actually incredibly diverse. it takes away control. someone else is driving, you cannot tell them when or where to stop. you're forced to endure the presence of other passengers. you have strict timing requirements for entering and leaving the vehicle. people prefer cars because in those regards, they are simply better.

historically, railways also performed better with regards to the points mentioned above, but ironically "modernization" (cost cutting measures) trying to compete with cars and airlines made operators remove luggage vans, compartments, promises regarding punctuality etc. so trains are only really viable for commuters or people forced to take them for lack of car or endurance while driving.

besides that, what form of public transport lets you bring large kinetic sculptures or an air conditioned shelter to the festival grounds

@cquest Very impressive, and difficult to understand!

@cquest we should build a subway line that goes way out into the desert
Gotta save the planet man! *drives a thousand RV in the middle of nowhere*

@cquest how else are you going to get to the middle of a desert along with all of the gear you need to survive for the duration of the festival?

I shit on car dependency daily, but this post is just dumb.

@cquest What amazes me is that it seems no one tried to take a shortcut.

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