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75 baud for the chat itself... as you could only send data that "fast".

chat services where using very low bandwitdh per connected user for this reason = reduced cost for Transpac X25 dedicated line :)

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I deleted the post because I am concerned that people may think I was anti-minitel.

It was very very cool in the 1980s.

By 1995, when I'd used the Internet through Mosaic and early Netscape, it seemed primitive.

@emacsen it was 15 years old... and still mostly V23 (1200/75).

"fast" Minitel came too late, as well as photo (JPEG based) version...

My company started switching to internet in 1994, a bit too early... it closed in 1998, but I saved almost everything which allowed me to restore services a few years ago as they were running in 1986 (Apple II) and 1998 (Macintosh) !

Some kind of videotex time capsules

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